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Major Activities

① Journal "Map": Quarterly (4 times / year)
Papers, news, information on related academic societies, etc. Special issues on historical maps, map education, GIS, etc. have been published.

② Maps attached to the journal
Each issue is accompanied by excellent maps and other materials not available on the market, and explanations are included in the text.

③ Publications: As needed
Currently, we are publishing "Inoue Hisashi's Literature and Maps," "The Potential of Maps Created by Topographical Expressions," "Bird's-Eye View Photographic Map of Greater Tokyo," "Maps and Civilization," "Dictionary of Cartography [enlarged and revised edition]," "Compilation of Major Maps of Japan," "Ino-chu-zu," etc.
Conferences and
① Regular conference: Once a year
In addition to research presentations and symposiums, maps, books, equipment, etc. are exhibited. Also, tours of mapping-related facilities and site visits.

② Regional conferences: Once a year
Held in conjunction with an annual map exhibition held at a different location each year, and co-hosted with related academic societies. Co-organized with related academic societies.

③ Regular meetings (research presentations): 3-4 times / year

④ Special subcommittees: As needed
Any member can participate in the activities of a subcommittee if he/she is interested in the theme of the subcommittee.
Map Center
In addition to holding approximately 1,200 maps, the Map Center collects domestic and foreign maps and related cartographic documents for the use of its members.
In addition, the Map Center selects the best maps for the Map Exhibition at the time of the map and book exhibition at the regular convention.
Interaction with
Other Academies and
Internationally, as Japan's leading cartographic research organization, the ICA maintains close contact with the International Cartographic Association (ICA), and domestically, the ICA is the parent body of the ICA (International Cartographic Association) Sub-Committee of the Science Council of Japan. In Japan, it is the parent body of the ICA (International Cartographic Association) Subcommittee of the Science Council of Japan.

<Member academic organizations>
Japan Geoscience Union
Geographical Science Collaboration Organization
Academic Alliance for Disaster Prevention
Member Benefits
Free distribution of
"Map" magazine
Members will receive a free copy of the journal "Map" and accompanying maps for each issue. Members may also submit their own or co-authored articles to the journal.
Discounted prices
Members can purchase the Society's publications at a discount price.
Participation in study groups and special subcommittees
Members can participate in research meetings and subcommittees organized or cosponsored by the society, and can make presentations and participate in discussions.
Access to maps and books
Maps and books from the Society's collection are available for use as needed.
Attendance at international conferences
Attendance at international conferences provides opportunities for research presentations, international exchange, and information gathering.

Membership Types

Regular Member
8,000 yen/year
If you wish to join the Japan Cartographic Society as an individual, please choose this membership. You will receive all the benefits of membership, such as receiving the official journal "Map". If you are a student, we recommend the Student Membership, which has a lower annual membership fee.
Student Member
2,000 yen/year
This is a special discounted membership program that offers the same benefits as Regular Membership. When you change your membership status from student, such as after graduation, you will be automatically switched to a regular membership. Please report to the office when you graduate.
Subscription Member
8,000 yen/year
(per copy of the journal)
You may apply for an additional subscription for each copy of the journal "Map" that you wish to receive. No other benefits are available. Please apply for membership as a Corporate Member as a "Special Member".
Special Membership
80,000 yen/year
(one or more units at your discretion)
If you wish to join the Japan Cartographic Society as a corporation, please choose this membership. Each membership entitles you to all privileges, including the mailing of the official journal "Map" (10 ordinary members). However, only two copies of the "Map" will be sent. If you wish to receive additional copies, we recommend that you use the subscription membership as well.

Membership Process

If you wish to join the Japan Cartographic Society, please follow the steps below. Applications for membership are accepted at any time.

Fill out and send membership information
Fill out and send membership information
Please print out the "Application Form for Membership in the Cartographic Society of Japan (pdf)" for your membership type from the Membership Plans above, fill in the required information, and send it to the Society Secretariat by mail or fax.

You may also send the same information as on the "Application Form" by e-mail. The application form differs depending on the membership type. Please download the registration form from the link below.

【Mailing address】
Secretariat of the Cartographic Society of Japan, Japan Cartographic Center, 4-9-6 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8522, Japan
Phone: (03) 3485-5410
FAX: (03)3485-5410
e-mail: info@jcacj.org
Payment of membership fee
Payment of membership fee
Annual membership fee will be invoiced again after the approval of your membership by the Standing Committee (please do not transfer the fee in advance). Please remit the membership fee to the following account after receiving the invoice for membership fee from the society (we regret to inform you that the remittance fee will be borne by the remitter).

Bank account: Mizuho Bank, Shibuya Branch, Ordinary Account 0207797
Japan Post Bank account: 00170-2-46409
Approval of admission by the Standing Committee
Approval of admission by the Standing Committee
Formal admission to membership requires the approval of the Standing Committee. After approval by the Standing Committee, you will be officially admitted to membership.